On The I Love You Platter

Sometimes you are just not in the mood to eat. You are tired, or maybe feel a bit ill. You are generally Under the Weather and don’t feel like mosying to the kitchen to join your family at dinner, where there will be frivolous banter and generally lots of talking. Sometimes you want to stay in your bed, read your book or finish your homework and just skip a meal.

But the brain does need food in order to think, and the body needs fuel in order to function, so you do indeed need something to eat.

That’s where the “I Love You” Platter comes into play. This is a platter, prepared in your kitchen downstairs, by the one who loves you. On this platter is a variety of nourishing snacks. Crunchy carrots, with a dipping sauce. A reheated piece of pizza from yesterday. A tiny bowl of gazpacho. A warm mug of chai, with whipped cream on top. And of course a napkin.

I strongly encourage you to prepare an “I Love You” platter for someone near and dear to you, if you are willing to take a break from being idle this afternoon.