on time travel

Scene from the Bayeux tapestry

Of course we’ve all daydreamed about having a time machine. Where would we go? How would we come back? Will this time machine ever be invented?

Well, I’m here to tell you that time travel is indeed possible. If you use my special method, you won’t get trapped in time, you will not upset the time-space continuum, and you do not have to invest in expensive equipment. I have a way for you to travel back to the past, to your favorite time period, risk-free.

It starts with grabbing a history book about your favorite century or period of history. The gay 90’s? The roaring 20s? Ancient Rome? Mesopotamia? My favorite is medieval times, and I’ve read dozens of history books about the middle ages. Armed with the knowledge of what things were like back then, I’m able to do time travel from my the comfort of hammock.

Yes, all you need to do, once you have the knowledge in your brain about this period in history, you can go there. Find a place where you can be, well, idle. A hammock, the couch, a grassy mead. Now close your eyes, and you’re there.

Scene from the Bayeux tapestry