On The I Love You Platter

Sometimes you are just not in the mood to eat. You are tired, or maybe feel a bit ill. You are generally Under the Weather and don’t feel like mosying to the kitchen to join your family at dinner, where there will be frivolous banter and generally lots of talking. Sometimes you want to stay in your bed, read your book or finish your homework and just skip a meal.

But the brain does need food in order to think, and the body needs fuel in order to function, so you do indeed need something to eat.

That’s where the “I Love You” Platter comes into play. This is a platter, prepared in your kitchen downstairs, by the one who loves you. On this platter is a variety of nourishing snacks. Crunchy carrots, with a dipping sauce. A reheated piece of pizza from yesterday. A tiny bowl of gazpacho. A warm mug of chai, with whipped cream on top. And of course a napkin.

I strongly encourage you to prepare an “I Love You” platter for someone near and dear to you, if you are willing to take a break from being idle this afternoon.

on clean thighs…

on guard mist

Being a lady means that one is female. Being female means that one needs to (usually) sit on a toilet seat. When one does sit on a toilet seat, one does not (usually) think of how many other thighs have rested there previously, but the number could be astonishing.

Happily for us ladies, there is no thigh-counter, telling you exactly how many tushes have rested there before us. But sometimes there is an indication that someone has been there previously. It’s the unfathomable: it’s the surprising (not the good surprising like a sunny day in November, or a chilled salad fork at a restaurant) feeling of liquid matter on you thighs. Yes, the woman (not a lady) before you has inconsiderately decided not to sit on the seat, and to let nature take its messy, disgusting course. There’s really only one thing to do in this situation, and that is to retrieve your hand-cleaning product, henceforth known as thigh-cleaning product, and lather it onto the affected areas.

Or you could try doTerra’s option: OnGuard mist.  http://bit.ly/2ToPhPZ

on the color of your thumb

a thumbnail painted green and a thumbnail painted black

on the color of your thumb…

Do you have a green thumb, where every plant, succulent, cactus, bush and tree — deciduous or not — thrives at the mere sight of you?  Or do you kill every plant that you have ever come in contact with, including that “guaranteed to grow ” plant you bought at the supermarket last month?

Well I’m here to tell you there is no such thing as a green thumb, or black thumb for that matter.   I have known people with an apparent gift with all plants, who secretly have an entire outdoor shed dedicated to those plastic nursery pots — empty pots that once held a healthy plant and that were subsequently killed by said “Green Thumb Gary”.

I have also known people despair with their bad gardening luck, only to find that eventually they do find something they can grow successfully. So, Black Thumb Betty, there is hope for you. Just find your sweet spot, a plant that you understand, and that understands you. Branch out of typical roses and tomatoes and dahlias. Experiment with succulents, exotic banana trees, terrariums and water gardens. You will find it, if you keep trying. And remember, nurseries take back your empty plant pots, evidence of your plant failures, so you need not be visually reminded of your mistakes. 

a thumbnail painted green and a thumbnail painted black