on clean thighs…

Being a lady means that one is female. Being female means that one needs to (usually) sit on a toilet seat. When one does sit on a toilet seat, one does not (usually) think of how many other thighs have rested there previously, but the number could be astonishing.

Happily for us ladies, there is no thigh-counter, telling you exactly how many tushes have rested there before us. But sometimes there is an indication that someone has been there previously. It’s the unfathomable: it’s the surprising (not the good surprising like a sunny day in November, or a chilled salad fork at a restaurant) feeling of liquid matter on you thighs. Yes, the woman (not a lady) before you has inconsiderately decided not to sit on the seat, and to let nature take its messy, disgusting course. There’s really only one thing to do in this situation, and that is to retrieve your hand-cleaning product, henceforth known as thigh-cleaning product, and lather it onto the affected areas.

Or you could try doTerra’s option: OnGuard mist.  http://bit.ly/2ToPhPZ